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Killing Bedbugs With Heat: We Service the Entire State of Arizona
Bed Bugs? Arizona’s Most Experienced Bed Bug Remediation Service

AZEX Pest Solutions opened in 06/08/2007 in AZ, and is the Original and Most Experienced Bed Bug Heat Extermination Company in the State of Arizona. AZEX Pest Solutions uses the AZEX Heat Treatment process for the application of heat to homes, apartments, motels, hotels, and multifamily dwellings on a daily basis. Our process is Eco-Friendly and is the most effective heat treatment process on the market today. We have over seven years of bed bug control experience applying heat to structures. Many companies may offer a bed bug Heat Treatment, but only AZEX Pest Solutions has the experience, knowledge, and training that sets us miles apart from the competitions cheap and often times unsafe pest control service practices.


We’re trained, fully licensed, and insured to use the application of Heat for hotels, inns, motels, and residential structures throughout the State of Arizona. Another byproduct of applying heat for pest control are; oxidizing odors like tobacco and eliminating allergens are a unique benefit from the treatment.
No other heat treatment on the market can claim that!