Chandler Bed Bug Control

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AZEX Pest Solutions provides exceptional customer and service support. We service and exterminate virtually all pests but focus on bed bugs. We hope you select us to protect you and your family, your home and/or business from unwanted pests.

We Service Chandler and the surrounding areas, you can call us 24/7 and your call will be handled with the urgency it requires.

If you’re searching for Chandler Bed Bug Heat Treatments or bed bug control, AZEX Pest Solutions is the best choice for bed bug control techniques that are safe and proven to work and also eco-friendly. Many Chandler pest control firms are still using highly toxic insecticides and harmful chemicals in unsafe ways. AZEX Pest Solutions has been the #1 Chandler Bed Bug extermination company for many years and continues to serve the community.

AZEX Pest Solutions is the most experienced bed bug heat and inspection company in the State of Arizona by far. Since 2007 AZEX has completed thousands of bed bug remediation and inspection projects for a wide variety of customers including residential homes, apartments, summer camps, and major corporate and federal entities. By being the very first bed bug heat treatment company in the state, and our customer base recognizing our unmatched experience, expertise, and extremely effective heat treatment process; it is no wonder AZEX Pest Solutions is the number one most sought after and mimicked bed bug service company around.

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