Bed bugs; some frequently asked questions about heat treatment

Bed bugs; some frequently asked questions about heat treatment


Did you know that the problem of bed bugs is far from going away? In fact, it is increasing. In this article, I want to look at some of the questions people ask about bed bugs and what is the best way to get rid of them. Some people who get bitten at night may put it down to mosquitoes, spiders or just the fact that it may have occurred before bedtime and they have only just noticed it. In a lot of these cases it is fact those small virtually indestructible little insects called bed bugs that have caused the bite and if you just ignore it, their egg laying will continue and within a short while you will have a huge problem on your hands.

What are bed bugs? These are extremely tiny insects that are almost invisible to the naked eye. They are very resilient, and can live for up to a year without eating. They are a sort of brown color, can’t fly and are rotund in shape.

Where do they live? These tiny creatures are very adaptable to their environment. They live in the nest of birds or other animals, and in your home can infest your mattresses settees, chairs and carpets.

Do they spread disease? No they don’t actually give you a disease, but their irritation value is very much like the much hated mosquito. If you are bitten by one of them you may get red blotches around the area and will be scratching wondering what it actually is.

What do they eat? The food that they eat is blood from living creatures, which unfortunately includes humans.

Do they live in all countries?  They are found in every country. There was a time when improved cleanliness and better pest control almost made them extinct but the problem is now on the increase and people put this down to a lot more international movement, tourism and trade. They can travel with you on your luggage or clothes and once they have arrived in your home, will start laying eggs and multiplying.

What are ideal conditions for these insects? They like cool, damp conditions, and in this environment will be at their optimum for multiplying.

So what is the most effective way to get rid of these pests? In the past there have been chemical products which will kill these animals, but this is not particularly environmentally friendly. The problem here as well, is that with these types of products, it might be difficult to get to those areas where eggs might be hatched such as in a mattress. We know that bed bugs like cool damp conditions, so by using heat we can make their environment un-liveable and thus kill them. By heating up the areas where the insects live to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit you will kill adults, and eggs, and those bedbugs

heat treatment bed bugs

kill bed bugs with heat

in a different stage of growth in between.

Does heat treatment really work? There is a lot of documentation you can find on the internet from lots of different sources, that agree that yes, heat treatment will really work. Raising the temperature will kill the adults in about a quarter of an hour, and the eggs will become infertile after an hour.

So there we have it, a safe and effective way to rid your house of these awful Bed Bugs.