How To Eliminate Bed Bugs

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs


Ever wanted to know how to eliminate bed bugs? Nowadays, these tiny, wingless bugs are infesting the beds and furniture of many people across the United States.

Bed bugs generally leave bite marks behind after feeding on human blood through their skin. Their bite marks are usually identified as small, red lacerations. If you have been bitten by a bed bug, it’s best to wash the infected area with soap and water, dry the infected skin and apply an antihistamine or no-itch cream.

These tiny bugs can actually be seen without the help of a magnifier. After feeding, their size increases, almost doubling from their original size. Bed bugs have a life expectancy of six to 12 months and can live for over a year without feedings.

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Bed bugs typically find their victims by seeking their warmth. Some of the places bed bugs have been found include mattresses and box springs, headboards and baseboards, underneath loose wallpaper and behind pictures on a wall.

The most common way to get rid of bed bugs is through the use of insecticides. Although common, it may be unsafe to use insecticides around your household. That’s why the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs is using heat treatments provided by a licensed bed bug pest control company.

To kill bed bugs with heat means to kill the insects by heating the infected area to temperatures considered lethal to the insects. Bed bug adults and nymphs typically expire within a 15 minute period after an infected area has been heated to over 113 degrees Fahrenheit; bed bug eggs take about 60 minutes to expire in the same temperatures. To completely heat bed bugs to “death” requires the room to be heated to high temperatures for a period of a few hours, it is very important to have an experienced bed bug control firm doing the heat treatment procedure as extreme temps can cause damage and also fire.

Pest control specialists use equipment like portable heaters and fans to gradually raise the temperature of a the infested room. Before the room can be treated, all household items that are sensitive to heat must be removed from the room. Due to this, it’s best to stick with a pest control company to use heat to get rid of bed bugs.

Heat treatments, by a bed bug pest control company are a fast way to get rid of the problem, since a single treatment can occur over the duration of one day. In contrast, you may need to have a badly infested room treated more than one once if the problem persists, since the heat lasts over a temporary period.  So isn’t Heat Treatment to eliminate bed bugs the best choice?