Heat Treatment May be Just What You Are Looking for in Your Fight Against Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment could be your Best Choice to Kill Bed Bugs


Many years ago, when I was a boy, one of the most vivid memories that I can recall is on a visit to my grandmother, when she took me to my room, she made me stand and watch her solution to eliminating bed bugs. The fact that I was to be sleeping in the bed made me shudder at the time and still does all these years later. She crept up to the bed with a wet bar of soap quickly pulled the mattress back and began smashing the soap against the mattress in her attempt to stick the little creatures to the bar in her hand. Marks out of ten for success? Not very many I’m afraid and complete zero to the ones living inside the mattress in compete safety from the soap treatment. Even today in the 21st century, the problem of bed bugs is not on the decline, in fact It is growing steadily and is still causing as much, if not more distress as way back in the days of my Gran. So what is the solution? Before we look for a solution, let’s look at the problem.

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A bed bug is an insect, but it is a particularly resilient little creature that has adapted to his environment extremely well. If he was human, then I would say that he would be a “Rambo Plus” type of person that you just couldn’t kill. The bed bug, in the right climatic conditions, can live for up to a year without food. If one of these insects bites you, then the sucking of your blood may or may not lead to different types of infection, but why take the risk. To get rid of bed bugs, it is not easy, mainly because they are very small, and have a natural instinct for survival which means they can hide extremely well. Another big problem with these creatures and which may well be the reason they are on the increase is the fact that they will lay eggs all over and inside your mattress and just keep on increasing.
So how do we go about getting rid of bedbugs? First we need to examine very carefully what is their ideal environment and try to change the conditions to make it difficult for them to survive. They will thrive and reproduce in a cool damp climate. The soap method is fairly useless but a great way to deal with them is by using heat treatment. To change the place where they live from cool to hot will get rid of them. You need a temperature of at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit to do this, but how do you raise the temperature to this level? You use thermal heat treatment to rid yourself of them.
For the bed linen, a good wash in very hot water will kill anything infecting them, as long as you hang them out to dry in the garden for at least three hours.
There are heat treatment machines which you can buy and use on your mattresses which are safe, effective and clean. The heat treatment is used evenly over the mattress, room and this will kill them at whatever point of development that they are; for adult bedbugs to eggs.
This thermal heat treatment is effective for beds chairs and just about anywhere that these type of insects are likely to live.