Canine Detection-Bed Bugs

AZEX Pest Solutions has added a full Canine Detection Department to help in locating Bed Bugs.

Why Should I Choose AZEX K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection?

The elimination bed bugs from your home or business can be a real struggle. Proper identification of bed bugs is critical. As adult bed bugs are easy to locate and identify, small eggs and nymphs can be impossible to see by the untrained eye, which is why AZEX Pest Solutions offers our highly accurate Bed Bug Dog Detection Services.

K9’s are the most accurate Bed Bug Detection Tool Available

Bed bugs can hide anywhere in your home including: under carpets, baseboards, inside mattresses, box springs, in electronics and behind wall areas that are virtually impossible for a human inspection to occur. AZEX K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection services can save residential and commercial customers time and money by detecting the problem early.

Bed Bug Canines:
• Have a 97% accuracy rate in detecting bed bug eggs; human visual inspections are 30% accurate
• Can inspect an entire room in less than 3 minutes; human inspections range from 15 minutes to 1 hour
• Cause no disruption to the property owner; human inspections must unmake beds, move clutter, and rearrange furniture
• Have no limitations on the inspection area

1. Proactive: Detect a Bed Bug problem before it gets out of hand
2. Targeted: For a problem in suspected area that needs to be confirmed
3. Post-Treatment: To ensure effective treatment results