Approximately three years ago, I was called in during the early morning hours for an insect issue at our Domiciliary. Upon arrival and inspection it was determined that the insect issue was Bed Bugs. Further inspection revealed it was a severe infestation. To make matters worse, it was discovered that it was not only the initial room but multiple rooms. This was an issue we had never had before and we were unclear how to precede.

We contracted with AZEX Pest Solutions to eliminate the Bed Bugs utilizing heat treatments. AZEX provided us with effective protocols related to patient personal property, linens and electronics for each room prior to and post treatment. Further inspection by AZEX discovered the problem was building wide. AZEX was also on hand to educate both staff and patients giving us a clear understanding of the process to eliminate the insects but went the extra mile to help us understand the insect biology and necessary measures to inspect and control the insects in the future.

The entire building was treated and was completed with the highest level of professionalism and completed in a timely manner. Through this process, no furniture or belongings were damaged or had to be discarded saving us thousands on replacement costs.

Following the aforementioned infestation, we entered into a maintenance contract with AZEX including inspections and Bed Big sniffing dogs keeping the Bed Bug issue at bay. Because of the transient nature of bed Bugs and the constant intake of new patients smaller issues were discovered and treated before they got out of control.

AZEX further trained staff in the inspection, identification and pretreatment protocol to assure containment until the rooms are heat treated. AZEX Pest Solutions transformed the VA staff from complete novices to competent and effective personnel in containing and controlling Bed Bugs. We are very grateful for everything AZEX Pest Solutions did for us.

Mark Stewart
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs