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AZEX Pest Solutions uses AZEX Heat Treatment to eliminate bed bugs. Heating bed bugs is quick and environmentally safe. Heat treatments can be done in as little as 6-8 hours. No chemicals are used and your belongings are safe. AZEX Pest is the most experienced Heat treatment Company in Arizona! We can eliminate your problem today!

Bed Bug Heater AZEX

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AZEX K9 Bed Bug Detection

Bedbug detection methods vary widely and can be very time consuming, labor intensive and frustrating. While most pest control professionals are very knowledgeable with bed bugs and the visible signs of bed bugs, they cannot determine accurately if these parasites are residing in electrical outlets, walls, behind baseboards, headboards and under carpeting. K-9′s trained to detect bed bugs generate faster and more accurate results. K-9 inspection dogs are trained exclusively for the detection of bed bugs. Because of the dog’s amazing sense of smell, they can detect the odor from live bed bugs and also their eggs in cracks, crevices, furnishings, clothing and other places that would be missed on a visual inspection by a human being. These dogs have only been trained to identify live bed bugs and they do not alert to other pests. Azex owns it’s own Bed Bug detection k-9s and trains and sells detection dogs to other pest control professional around the country.

K-9 Bed Bug Detection

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Termite Services

Arizona is crawling with Subterranean and Drywood termites. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, contact us quickly to schedule your free, no obligation termite inspection. If we find anything, we will provide you with a detailed diagram explaining where termites are active on your property as well as the step-by-step method we will use to treat and protect your home. We will Solve Your Termite Problem Today! 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

Overall Pest Protection

Even though a one-time treatment may alleviate your immediate pest problem, ongoing treatments will ensure that your home or business is protected throughout the year. We feature monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest elimination plans for the convenience of our customers. Typically, our bi-monthly plans consist of targeted power sprays and cobweb services reducing our customers’ risk of coming in contact with chemicals and providing a cheaper, more effective pest elimination solution. We offer pest control services to both residential and commercial clients.

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